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310-TAXI is now active in over 15,900 communities across Canada, US, Mexico, UK & EU!


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At 310-TAXI we strive to constantly improve our value proposition for our clients.  Weather you are a driver, an owner, a fleet manager or a company owner, it is important that you maximize every dollar - because in this business, every dollar counts.

Since June 2010 310-TAXI has been proud to bring our members the

affiliate benefits card {ABC} that provides real discounts and savings.

The ABC program provides discounts from 3% - 50% or more on the products and services you use every day.  From buying or leasing automobiles, related insurance products, computer and monitoring equipment and significant discounts from your financial institution for cash, credit and transaction processing.

In fact, we estimate that over the last 5 years our members have saved almost

$10 Million USD.  That's a lot of savings.  Membership is free, simple and open to any owner, operator, driver or employee of the driving community in the United States and Canada.  In fact, most of our members would say its a no-brain er.

Also, as an annual subscriber, a taxi owner operator is also eligible

to participate in our Extra Value Parts Program.

As an owner operator we know your car experiences wear and tear far beyond

what the average car owner experiences.  Parts wear out sooner, warranties are often not applicable to Public Transportation vehicles and parts wear out much sooner.

All of this means down time.  And down time means less revenue / income.

Our discount parts and consumables program is available to annual subscriber members of our A B C Program.  We carry many of the parts and consumables you use every day.  From Headlights to Taillights and everything in between - and all from the name brand manufactures you use and trust now.

Why not click the link below to join our parts program.

We guarantee you will save a minimum of at least 10%

in your first year of membership.

In fact

We are so sure you will save money in the first year we will even wave

the introductory and annual membership fees!

That's a savings of $500!

So Click the Link below to contact our parts savings department.

Registration takes less than 5 minutes.

Membership is as easy as - A B C -

Contact your benefits administrator today or contact Jeff McLaughlin at 310-TAXI.






And So Much More

Hotels: Save up to 60% on hotels around the world

Theme Parks:

Disney, Universal, Sea World, Cirque du Soleil, Six Flags,

  Hershey Park & more

Movie Tickets:

AMC, Regal, Cinemark & more


Broadway, Las Vegas & more

Attractions & Events:

Water Parks, Ski Resorts

Rental Cars: Budget, Avis, Payless




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