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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!



The following testimonials are unsolicited and printed with the permission of the author. Names and addresses have been omitted at the authors request.

  • I don't know how you do it, but I love 310-taxi (Edmonton)
  • It was my first night out in the big city of Toronto and I was lost.   I looked up and saw a billboard for your service and decided to give it a try.  20 minutes later I'm back in my hotel room safe and sound.  I'll definitely take your number with me everywhere I go.  Thanks 310-TAXI.  (Thunder Bay)
  • Why didn't someone think of this before!  What a great service.  (Vancouver)
  • If there was an award for the best new service I'd nominate 310-TAXI ! (Halifax)
  • Convenient, easy to use, easy to remember and it works everywhere I need to be. Wow!  (Toronto)
  • They have a lot of events on campus for us - especially at the first of the year that are co-sponsored by our student union and various alcoholic beverage providers.  Fortunately, a group of us had picked up our calendars before we stopped off at the pub on campus and we remembered your ad.  ..  ..  ..   Two calls and three taxis later, all eight of us returned safely to our dorms and lived to fight another day.  Thanks 310-TAXI.  (McGill)
  • On behalf of the faculty association, I wanted to let you know how much we sincerely appreciate your service offering.  Many of my colleagues have tried and used it and like it very much.  But more importantly our students use it.  Recently we noted in one of our more informal meetings, the greatly reduced number of accidents and other mishaps involving our learners.  And we can only surmise this to be at least in part due, to making it easier for all of us to use our common sense and call a taxi cab when the need arises.  Your service certainly does facilitate an obvious need. Thank you.  (U of T)
  • I travel a lot on business and your service saves me from having to remember taxi numbers across Canada or from programming all those numbers into my cell phone.  Thanks 310-TAXI. (Guelph)
  • I really dislike sitting alone at home any time, but even more throughout the winter months.  As a retired person living alone it is important to me to be able to get out, see my friends and be as mobile as I possibly can be.  My schedule is important to me but also to others at the shelter where I volunteer.  So when I park my car after the first snow or winter storm I still need to be able to get around.  Your service helps me to get around and feel active and useful.  Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Hamilton)
  • My parents are retired and are fiercely independent.  When my mother got sick and needed bi-weekly treatments at the local hospital they didn't want to "burden" us kids with having to run them back and forth every two weeks.  Thank you 310-TAXI for helping us and our parents during their time of need.  It was a real life-saver.  (New Brunswick)
  • We had too much sun and too much fun during our golf game.  As we were leaving the club house I remembered your card in my jacket pocket and called 310-TAXI. (Edmonton)
  • ...It was a late night out with friends celebrating.  When it was time to leave it was cold and wet outside so we called 310-TAXI and shared a cab back to campus.  (Osgoode Hall)
  • Our appointment at the clinic was late and by the time we were done we had missed our ride home.  When I went back in and explained to the nurse / receptionist, she said "no problem" and dialed a taxi number from memory.  When I joked how many taxis she must use to keep a number in her memory she told me about 310-TAXI.  Now my six month old and I use it all the time!  To and from the mall; grocery shopping; to and from our checkups; to and from Grandma's house - It's everywhere we need to go, and Nate and I just wanted to say thanks.  (Beaches area (Toronto))
  • I work for the Federal government and I have to travel from our Regional Headquarters to several of our offices across the country a few times every year.  Your service is excellent and I encourage all of my managers and their staff to program your number on their berrys.  Thank you again for the great service.  (Halifax)
  • I've lived in the same community in our nation's capital all my life.  And I still can't remember the numbers for a taxi cab so I use 310-TAXI.  Thank you for keeping the service free, easy to use and easy to remember.  I've even programmed it on my cell phone, my office phone AND the cell phone I gave my parents for Christmas.  Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Ottawa)
  • As a federal employee with responsibility centres in every province, I'm on the road and away from National Headquarters for 20 weeks or more every year. It would not be possible for me to remember all the telephone numbers for all the different taxis in all the cities I have to travel to and I don't think the speed dial list of my Berry could hold them all.  I've been using your service now for almost two years - and it just works, first time every time.   Thank you.  (Ottawa)
  • Campus can be a large lonely place at night.  Even walking through the bowl to the high rises at night can be intimidating so my room mate and I split a cab.  Its convenient for us, warmer than walking in a Saskatchewan winter but its also safe. Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Saskatoon)
  • Our kids attend a post secondary institution in Regina but live on the other side of town.  They can't really walk back and forth every day and while visiting recently we couldn't believe it was that cold for days on end.  They certainly can't use their bikes when its that cold and they found out recently that busses aren't always convenient or can't operate when it's -50 Celsius outside or just stop running at night when they and their friends are still studying.  For Christmas this year we gave them cell phones with your number pre-programmed on speed dial "0" so it was easy to remember.  That way we have one less worry whether its a late night study session or final exam celebration.  We know they have a way home.  And as an added benefit - the same number even works when they come home to Edmonton.  We didn't have to change a thing or even add a different area code.  What a wonderful service and thank you for giving their mother and I peace of mind.  Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Regina / Vancouver)
  • Our facility will send a lot of their clients out for placements, medical appointments, assessments, interviews or other day long trips for the residents able to travel.  We can't give each one a cell phone to call us every time they need a ride but we can either write down your number for them and they take it with them or, they can remember those short seven numbers to dial when they want to come back to the facility.  I just wanted you to know how much your service means to us and our residents as well as how much value it adds to our residents sense of independence, dignity and self reliance.  Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Calgary)
  • I'm a single dad with two active boys.  I can't always be there after school to pick up my sons - especially after a late soccer or basketball practice that's gone into overtime.  The school will leave a phone outside the office but it has a call restriction and can't dial long distance calls or reach the taxi company I've set up an account with.  Your number 310-8294 allows my boys to call a cab if they can't get a lift home with a friend and get home safely.  Thank you 310-TAXI.  (Vancouver)
  • Dear 310-TAXI, I just wanted to let you know how happy my family and I are to have found your service.  We try to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can be and taking a taxi just makes sense to us in so many different ways.  More people using and sharing taxis mean less C02 emissions when they don't use their own vehicles.  Less people on the roads could result in fewer accidents or other road mishaps.  Fewer vehicles means less wear and tear on our public roadways and has the potential for less roadway repairs.  Fewer cars means less noise pollution overall, not to mention a reduction of fossil fuels being consumed and a host of other environmentally related benefits.  And best of all, the taxi we usually ask for is a Toyota Camry Hybrid!  Which is also better and greener for the planet.  Thank you 310-TAXI for encouraging people to share the ride and be better stewards of our planet.  (Victoria)






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