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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!



310-TAXI was developed with one goal in mind. . .to provide taxicab users all across Canada with a National, Simple-to-Use, Easy-to-Remember number to call a taxi, regardless of location.  Most people do not remember the number for a taxi in their own city, let alone the number in another city. 

To achieve their goal, 310-TAXI has implemented the most convenient number available and developed a large network of servicing taxicab companies ALL Across Canada.  310-TAXI provides Canada with a simple 7-digit number (no area code required - Anywhere) that remains the same from city to city and is the same as making a local call - no matter what city you're calling from {only the regular cab fare applies}.  310-TAXI is so easy to remember that it's actually hard to forget it.

So, whether you are on business, vacationing, enjoying the nightlife or making your way home from a late evening study session from campus, all you need to remember is to call 310-TAXI (310-8294) to call a taxi.








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