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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!



310-TAXI Canada does not offer or provide the actual transportation services. Our services are limited to free call routing of your call only. Passengers must pay the for the actual transportation service rendered, directly to the service provider.

310-TAXI Canada cannot and does not provide quoted rates for taxi services and is also not able to respond to any inquiries by telephone, electronic mail or in any other form whatsoever for requests for taxi fair quotes or to prearrange any taxi rides in advance.  Please consult with a 310-TAXI Partner in the area in which you would like a taxi or to pre-arrange your taxi service.

310-TAXI Canada has no jurisdiction over the taxicab service rates which are regulated by municipal government authorities throughout Canada and the various provinces and cities. Except as noted elsewhere, 310-TAXI Canada does not own, operate or control any of the taxi transportation services you may travel in.

Please also note, from time to time and especially during peak demand times for taxi cab transportation, your call may be placed in a calling cue, a computerized response system, a call parking system or may encounter a busy signal.  These circumstances are infrequent and are the result of higher than normal call usage for the taxi cab company you are calling in your area and as such, are beyond the control of 310-TAXI Canada.  We encourage you to hang up and try your call again after waiting for a few moments.













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