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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!


Why 310-TAXI ~


  1. Convenient - easy to use anywhere & any time
  2. Call From Anywhere - your home, your office, your cell phone or pay phone
  3. Always A Local Call - no long distance or toll charges
  4. Always A Free Call - no surprise or undisclosed charges on your phone bill  - just pay for the ride!
  5. Our taxi partners are fully licensed, inspected and insured by the municipalities in which they operate so you'll never have to worry about just anyone picking up you or someone you care about
  6. Our taxi partners follow a regular inspection and maintenance routine for their vehicles
  7. Our taxi partners maintain detailed records for their drivers to ensure quality of service & experience
  8. Convenient - you can pre-program our number to your speed dial on your home, office or cell phone
  9. Only One Number to Remember - all across the country, it works virtually anywhere
  1. Environmentally Friendly - many taxi cabs are switching to hybrid vehicles that produce less emissions
  2. You can reduce your carbon foot print by leaving your car at home or by sharing the ride!
  3. Less Cars on The Road - means less carbon fuels burned which also means less greenhouse gases
  4. Kyoto Protocol Friendly - well maintained taxis produce less emissions and require less resources
  5. Less Noise Pollution - well maintained taxis produce less noise combined with fewer cars on the road
  6. Natural Gas Powered or Hybrid Vehicles - Compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles, those powered by natural gas emit 80 percent fewer ozone precursors and over 95 percent fewer particulates. In addition to being cleaner, compressed natural gas is also 30 to 40 percent cheaper than gasoline or diesel on a same mileage basis while Hybrid vehicles are the cleaner and environmentally friendly alternative for the foreseeable future
  1. Taxi Cab Owners, operators & managers prefer our clients - wait the minimum amount of time for your taxi to pick you up
  2. Professional Drivers - know where you need to go and how to get there safely & efficiently
  3. No Parking Problems - leave your automobile at home, no parking meters, no fines and no (increasingly) large daily parking rates
  4. Mileage - less wear & tear on your own vehicle
  5. Driver's Care - if you're happy with your drive you'll use them again


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