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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!



Thank you for your interest in 310-TAXI Canada, Incorporated.  Please note that, 310-TAXI Canada Incorporated has currently distributed the predetermined number of shares available for release to the public representing a percentage of ownership to each shareholder with the corporation.  And 310-TAXI is fully subscribed at this time.

If you are a current investor with 310-TAXI or if you would like to acquire shares in 310-TAXI Canada, please note the Board of Directors for the company currently has no plan to release additional shares for sale or trade at this time.  If you, your institution or your representative would like to be added to the list of individuals and entities wanting to acquire shares or other negotiable instruments associated with 310-TAXI please contact our corporate office who would be pleased to assist you.  Our corporate contact information is available by clinking this link.


Current Share Price as at September 15th, 2008:  $500 Canadian Dollars per Class A participating share.











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