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310-TAXI is now active in over 900 communities across Canada!


Annual General Meeting - Registration of Shareholders

As of 01 March 2009 we are asking current shareholders to register for the Annual Meeting to be held in Saskatchewan later this year in the second quarter of 2009.

Please register by clicking this link and providing the following information in your email to 310-TAXI Canada. Inc.

  1. Shareholder Full Name:       
  2. Address of Record:
  3. Postal or Zip Code:
  4. Contact Phone Number:
  5. Contact Fax Number:
  6. Number of Shares:
  7. Share Certificate Number:
  8. I would like to attend in person (indicate "yes" or "no")
  9. I would like to attend by conference call (indicate "yes" or "no")
  10. If you would prefer to register by regular mail, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

310-TAXI Canada, Inc.

Box 4004, Station Main

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


ATTENTION:  Shareholder Registration Office














  • Shareholders responding by electronic mail should feel free to cut and paste the above information request into their email program for ease of registration
  • We are requesting all shareholders of 310-TAXI Canada, Inc. to register due to the high number of persons who have previously indicated to us they have either relocated, changed address, changed email address, no longer have access to electronic mail or may require a designated party to act on their behalf over the past eighteen months
  • Only shareholders with valid registrations may be able to participate
  • Due to the number of possible registrations, no registrations by telephone may be accepted or processed
  • If shares are held in a corporate name, please indicate the corporation name or registration number As Well As the full name of the person who will be attending on behalf of the corporation. 
  • Due to limited seating, only one person per certificate may attend.
  • For your security, your address of record must match the address we currently have on file for you or or your company
  • A limited number of non-participatory conference call slots may be made available on a first come (requested) first served basis
  • If registering by regular mail, please allow 30 days for registration
  • Registration is mandatory for all participants



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